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A Tale Of Tricks And Treats !

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His Surprise In Wife Swapping

Having found his former wifes' letters outlining his acceptance of servitude, and put it to action, we arrived at the understanding that I have my day monthly.

Last month consisted of him serving me drinks, while lapping my high heeled feet, and eventually being subjected to my newly purchased strapon with lots of verbal, wife swapping was taking a turn....a 360 turn.

Ready to move on, I had casually mentioned to my g/f Amy that I was being "somewhat dominant occassionaly". To which she replied that her new b/f was totally sub and very bi. New to this, I inquired and was told about their relationship that was totally domme for her, and she truly wanted to help me.

And so it was that on my domme night, my willing slave was waiting at the door for his Mistress clad in a black Jock strap and black net undershirt, on his knees at the door. When the three of us arrived, we ordered drinks which he scampered to prepare, and sat obediently at my feet. It was there that I described what was to be. His servitude at our every wish!
Amy quickly ordered him to undress us all, which he did on his knees. She then ordered him to suck his Mistress's toes, while describing how we would all enjoy him in every way for our pleasure. I was already hot! As he tongued my feet, Amy grabbed his hair and inserted her man's cock into my slaves' mouth. Wow. Moments later she ordered him to our wooden table in the bar area.

Shortly, she had him tied over our table in the bar, ball gag in place, and she was directing me to help her with her friends very large young cock. That meant that I was soon sucking that cock in front of my husband with Amy, inches from his face! As our tongues massaged his cock and kissing each other over its head, I felt the urge to remove my husbands gag and direct that huge cock into his mouth. So hot. Amy then casually ordered our slave to present his tongue to all our asses, starting with mine. When he got to Amy's friend I was ready to cum and Amy suddenly spread my legs and buried her face in my pussy prompting my screaming orgasm. In the meantime, her friend had moved behind our slave and was about to fuck his ass. When he did, I had to lick Amy's wet pussy on the table so I could watch my slave being fucked by Amy's boyfriend. "This is how we cum" Amy said, and stopped her boy, and removing the condum, she had him cum on both of our feet as we sat on barstools. That done, at her suggestion, I released my slave and ordered him on his knees to cum to us and lick every drop off. And the 25 yr. old had covered our feet!

We hung my slave to the railing and enjoyed another drink, and Amy suggested that I fuck that big cock on her friend. I eagerly agreed and in short order that cock was in me while Amy stood next to my blindfolded husband describing the action she was watching. My leather skirt pulled up to my waist, panties torn off, and heels digging into his back, I was screaming one orgasm after another as his huge cock fucked me and I could hear Amy describing everything in my husbands ear. I may have been Mistress to my husband that night, but I was cock whore for this young stud. THIS WAS WIFE SWAPPING OMG! He finally said he was coming again, and I wanted it in my mouth so bad. Standing over me he blasted my face and open mouth with seemed like pints of cum, which I eagerly sucked and gobbled what I could. Amy helped me up and half carried me to my hanging husband, removed his blindfold so he could see my drenched face, and ordered him to lick me clean and kiss me deep and lick the spilled cum from my neck and tits. Which he did.

Amy has written me since with more intructions for "Mistess night" and I look forward.